Monday, October 29, 2012

Punkilins photo shoot.

I brought the boys to Trader Joe's with me and they had the cutest little "pumpkin patch" area. You know what that means...impromptu Halloween/pumpkin/Fall photo shoot time. I love sweet moments like these.

I was cracking up at these pictures when we got home. What it takes to get a good picture of two little boys! If only the blog came with sounds effects...It'd be something like "ROWEY, JOJO, LOOK UP HERE, WEEEEEEEEEEE, BUZZZZ BUZZZZZ, AHHHHHHHCHOOOOOO, ZZZZIIIIIIIPPPPP, HHII-YYAA!". I officially reach my maximum crazy mom level when trying to get both my boys to smile for pictures!

"Hi momma. I cute and about to eat this straw." 

"Dis punkin smell gooooood." 

"Aaaaaa-pwain!" -Ro  (Airplane! Ro all you non-Rowanese speakers out there.)
Jonah wanna eat dat punkin.

"Whoooooooooa! Moooooooon." -Ro
Jonah wanna eat dat straw.

"Was dat mama?" -Ro                     

My favorite of the bunch. 


Love you babies!


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