Sunday, June 7, 2009

Malasadas; A hawaiian treat/heart attack in a box!!!

D and I found a list of things to do before we head back to the mainland. #1 on the list was to eat a malasada from Leonard's Bakery Truck! We had no idea where this infamous truck was, but as we drove to the store one day we spotted it sitting in the parking lot!!! Wahhooo....anywho we went home to google malasada so we knew what we were getting into! We found out it is a Portuguese donut that made its way to Hawaii years ago. It has become a local fav ever since. Dan Dan the Donut man was extremely excited about this potentially delectable dessert truck located only minutes from our house!! That night we went to the truck to order our first malasadas. Thinking they were the size of donut holes we order a dozen so we could try every flavor(cream, coconut, chocolate, cinnamon sugar...mmmmmmmm!!!). Turns out the donuts are quite large, quadruple fried, and injected with massive amounts of filling!! I was able to eat one before I could feel my booty and thighs start to jiggle a little more and my heart strain harder due to rapidly clogging arteries. ;) D couldn't have just one of course, but bottomed out at 2!! Whoooo we were sure defeated by these donuts which have found a new home in our freezer. Maybe we'll bring some back to share! 

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  1. Hee Hee. Love the poses. And Love every donut.

    Don't tease me with all of this "when we get back to the mainland" talk! Whatevs. :)