Friday, January 21, 2011

8 months.

What we Love about Ro at 8 Months:
  • He is starting to dance. He loves to rock out (mildly) while standing at his music table. It is the cutest thing you ever did see. Imagine a little baby booty bounce! He got that move from his mama. :) We have tried in vain to catch the act on video...he does not perform for free!
  • Ro still loves to be read to. We have started giving him two choices of books at night just to see what he does. If "Where is Baby's Belly Button" is a choice, he will pick that 100 % of the time!
  • He stands supported very well and has started moving from object to object!
  • Not a crawler yet! We do our little exercises everyday, but Ro just doesn't have the interest yet. He is very content playing with toys next to him and is not much of an explorer. I'm sure this will change once his muscles are working for him! Right now we are counting our blessings that the house proofing can be put off a little longer.
  • He is back to eating really well! Nursing is still our fav. activity of all time, but he is really enjoying self feeding too! His pincher grasp is awesome and has recently added shredded cheese to his repertoire.
  • Speaking of has turned out to be the new fav. I give Ro his veg first, but will put a little cheese on his tray if he doesn't want to eat any more. He will attack that cheese like I never have fed him! He tries to shovel mouth full after mouth full in his happy little face! It is quite funny! The cheese also allows me to sneak in more bites of veg! With us as parents it's no wonder he is a cheese's in my genes. :)
  • He also loves to eat bananas, pear, sweet potatoes, peas, avocados, "baby cheetos", baby puffs, and baby yogurt...and ANYTHING that Mommy or Daddy is eating.
  • He has got wackadoo hair! His bed head is somethin' else and I haven't figured out how to tame it just yet. Gel or wax just seems to make the situation worse!
  • He got a tooth! Finally one of his bottom teeth has popped up! I'm thinking the one next to it isn't close behind!
  • He loves to open and close things! His baby lap top is his fav. He loves to hear the sounds it makes when you open/shut, open/shut, open/shut, open/ get the idea!
  • He has started to clap...well...his version of clapping. It involves clapping his fingers together in a horizontal fashion...hmmm...see if you can even imagine that!
  • He still loves to give kisses and hugs, and is a big snuggler.
  • He loves to talk. His favorite consonant/vowel combo is DA DADADADADADA DADADA DADADA DA. All day long!! We've been working on MAMAMamama too, but the closest we have got is na na NANA. :) He also says something remarkably close to "Hey Dad!". It's pretty funny. Danny always responds, "Hey Ro!".
  • He loves to pat and scratch EVERYTHING!
  • He loves bath time and all the bath toys he got for Xmas!
  • His nap time schedule has become much more flexible. I am still BIG on the schedule, but if we are late or if there is something we really want to attend, nap time is able to wait for a bit!
  • He is a big people watcher. He loves to watch other babies and will sometimes try to get their attention with high pitched sounds...I mean really high...ear piercing high... He sure has a great range!
  • He has started reaching out for a person he wants (mostly momma. *insert heart pitter patter*) and it is truly the sweetest thing. It makes me feel so good especially because Daddy is certainly a favorite around here!
  • He loves to reach his toys up to the sky.
  • He loves knobs, switches, buckles, zippers, nipples (oops did I say that!? Daddy had an unfortunate run in with a curious boy and a deadly pincher grasp. :D hehe! It was quite funny and let's just say Daddy has a new found respect for breastfeeding...)
  • He loves to rough house. He will squeal with delight if he is twisted, thrown, tickled or wrestled!
  • He gets really proud of himself when he does something special. He gets especially excited and happy if he successfully puts a bite of food in his mouth. We go crazy each time he works hard to do something...gotta get him on the self esteem train now (Mommy and Daddy's biggest parenting goal!).
  • He has got the sweetest demeanor. This little boy sure has a light to shine and we know he is going to be an incredible person!
  • Looking up to his cousin. We hope Ro is as sweet as Tristan!

  • Getting in to position!
While Daddies were away snowboarding, Owen and Kim came over and we took the opportunity to bathe the boys! We tried to keep Owen modest! ;)
  • Momma and baby.



  1. So sweet Emma! I cant believe he is 8 months old already, and he just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Hugs!

  2. I love these little updates. He is such a cutie. Iris is so jealous that he has hair!

  3. Great pictures and post! Love that little boy!!!

  4. Ahhhh. He is a getting so big. I love the bath time pic with cuzzie Owen.