Saturday, January 8, 2011


Rowey and Mommy couldn't be more excited because we have officially stolen our Daddy back for Saturdays this semester! Danny has worked Saturdays for our whole marriage which was a real bummer when I was in school...and when we lived in Hawaii...and when we had a baby...heck it's ALWAYS been a bummer! Since Sundays are always filled up with Church activities we've never really had a whole day to spend as a fam that wasn't a precious vacay day! Anywho, we are super excited and had a wonderful first Daddy Saturday. We did whatever we wanted. We woke up late, cuddled skin to skin, ate cereal in bed, took naps, went out to lunch*, went to the mall, and even rode the kiddy train. It was a big hit!! Rowey and I crammed into our very own train car and rode the "Mini Express" chooo chooooo all around the mall. I of course tried to get Rowey to say CHoooo CHooooo the whole time and made him wave to every mall patron and cell phone salesman (since it is Uncle Quint's old stomping grounds I felt like we needed to be extra friendly!). We had a blast.
Don't worry there were some clothes involved here! ;) Daddy just got back from the gym and had a very sweaty shirt.

Here's to many more lovely Saturdays!

* Rowey made me cry while we were out to lunch. I put him in a little highchair, put crunchies, cheese, and sweet potato in front of him and he proceeded to eat his whole lunch by himself. He has a stellar pincher grasp and did an awesome job getting his food in his mouth...that part made me super happy...seeing my little baby being such a big boy made me shed a tear right there in a booth at Wingers. :)


  1. OMG. That little boy is cute, cute, cute all day long! That looks like the train at the Reid Park Zoo. Fun times!

  2. Sounds like an excellent day! I love that you have Snowman sheets on your bed also, you're so festive.