Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sweetie Faces.

Sweet Ro's personality is really coming out these days. He is still pretty shy and quiet in public until he feels comfortable then he'll really let his crazies out! For example, in Church he will stare blankly and everybody interacting with him for the first hour, but during the second and third hours (yes we go to 3 hours of Church...) he goes wakadooooo. At home, he is a sweetie pie all the time talking, laughing and squealing. Sometimes D and I look at him and then each other and ask ourselves how we got so lucky.

Here are some sweetie faces. Love staring at this mug all day...

* On a side note, Ro is still not crawling and mom is trying not to stress :) I guess it fits in with his kinda chill, somewhat lackadaisical personality!


  1. The picture with his scrunched nose is way too cute!! Glad you guys are doing well. Every baby is different. Who knows, he may just start walking and not even crawl at all.

  2. i love love love his little scrunchie face. so cute! and the last one is adorable too. don't worry about crawling, they do things when they feel like it. ev didn't even start rolling till a week before she started crawling, it drove me nuts, but babies just sassy!

  3. That boy is a precious cutie pie! I ditto the advice about not worrying about him crawling. He is probably content with just sitting for now, but don't worry he will start crawling sooner or later and then you are going to be one busy mama.