Monday, March 28, 2011

10 months.

Can't hardly believe it. 10 months...well 10.5 now. Wowza.

What we love about Rowan at 10 months:
  • He is moving!!! CRAWLING, CRUISING, PULLING UP. Todo...except walking. We are all not ready for that one yet.
  • Now that Ro has hit all his proper developmental milestones, he is much more of a handful! I need a vacuum cleaner to follow him around and a nap in the afternoon. :)
  • He has learned to pull up to standing in his crib which means new nap-time games. Mommy feeds Rowey, reads books, rocks, and puts in bed. Normally Rowey would fall asleep, but now it is sooooo much fun to stand up 3 or 4 times and yell for momma. I would just let him be, BUT he has not figured out how to get down from standing! The only way he know to get down is to fall back stiff as a board (we are working on falling on our bums), and that makes mommy kinda nervous in a wooden crib. YIKES.
  • He officially needs a helmet. His head has become a battering ram for all things in its path.
  • He is becoming more social. He will go up and "introduce" himself to people nearby Mommy and Daddy.
  • He will pat anything and everything he loves. PAT, PAT, PAT. So if you get a head pat from Rowey you know you are in the club!
  • His fav. food is noodles and sauce. He is his mother's son! I finally discovered orzo pasta for cutting needed! Wahoooo!
  • He loves little baby friends, and has a special affinity for one of the cutest little baby girls ever...she is half Asian, half Caucasian. His mother is VERY happy about that!!!
  • He is getting much better playing with a ball. He loves to roll it back and forth with me.
  • He loves to play hide and seek with me! He thinks it is super funny when I hide and then pop out and surprise him. Now that he can crawl I will hide and he will crawl to find me laughing all the way!
  • He loves to dance to music. I am trying to introduce him to a variety...Raffi, Lady Gaga, Mozart... ya know, all the classics. :)
  • He is understanding Skype a little too much for a baby. When he hears the little Skype call ring he gets very excited and happy. He also loves to touch people's faces on the screen...he especially loves to honk noses...
  • Lastly, his top two toofers are poking through. :)
We sure love this little booger.

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  1. Sounds as if life is busy for ALL of you! Can't wait to see you guys!!