Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Firsts at 10.5 months.

Well development has finally caught up with Rowey this week. After months of being a chill baby boy who sits and plays, Rowey has taken off. He crawls, he cruises, he stands on his own, and as of today he pulls up in his crib. Oh yes he does. We snuck by his room as he was supposed to be sleeping to find his chubby cheeked, smiley face looking at us through the crack in door. "Look at me mom and dad!! I am so awesome!! ". It was pretty cute.

Here is Rowey crawling. I caught his second time on tape!! The first crawling episode totally threw me off guard! Rowey was hungry and whiney, but I wasn't going to feed him until I got a good video. :p

Also, Rowey has learned some Zumba moves. I have taught him well. :p

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