Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I be crafin'.

Cool summer nights are the puuuuuurrrrrfect time to craft. Baby is asleep, crickets are chirping, and momma is spray painting :).

This stool I found at a garage sale. It was pretty cute just as it was; chipping ivory paint and sparkly red vinyl seat. I was just going to paint it, but ended up giving it a complete make over after I had a boo boo with the paint! It's perfect to have little ones help in the kitchen!

This is a DI lamp that was not so cute, but had an awesome shape! It was brass before, but now has a new life as a retro, apple green, hanging sculpture in my living room. :)

This momma loves to craft!


  1. look at you miss crafty. i love them! it's the momma/utah/mormon craftiness syndrome that gets us all!