Monday, June 11, 2012


We did the Disney deed and had a BLAST. We needed a vacay and have been wanting to visit our good pals in LA for some time so it was the perfect time to Disney it up. I think I was the most excited of all seeing as I had never been to Disneyland before, but as we were heading home it was Dan that was shedding a tear. Hehe. He had an absolute blast...we ALL did (minus several moments with a little boy with a UTI infection...). We rode every roller coaster we wanted to and stayed all day and into the night. All four babies were such troopers! At one point they were all asleep in their respective strollers. That's when the real fun began... :)
 Disney is just plain awesome. I got a little emotional several moments on our visit. These moments include :
When I saw a nursing mothers HEAVEN. Think rows of padded recliners filled with women and their wee ones. They had diapers, formula, anything you could have wanted. 
When I saw Mary Poppins. Childhood dream coming true.
During the parade...I was a mess. Ha! Princess Tiana got me. 
When I saw all my boys SMILLEEEEEEeeing. Perfection to a momma/wife's heart.

And now the visual overload:

 Boys Playing.

Oliver is the best buddy. He was so sweet to Ro even when he was grumpy! 

 I'm still dreaming about these freakin turkey legs. Turkey that tastes like ham? YES PLEASE.

I almost peed myself on California Screamin. Summer saved me!

Sean, Summer, Oliver and Rubes we love you and thank you for your hospitality!! I'm so bummed we didn't get a good picture of all of here is one I stole of the Mosmans. Yes people, they are this beautiful in real life. Wowza. Love you guys!!