Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4 th.

Provo, especially our neighborhood, knows how to do the fourth of July right! With this being our last 4th here we wanted to do it all. I got an awesome surprise when my sis Bree made a last minute trip up to celebrate with us. I lovvvvve being with my sis!!! We chilled out at our neighborhood block party, camped out at the grand parade, watched awesome fireworks, burned ourselves on sparklers and marched in the childrens parade... Sorta... Haha! I tried to tackle the childrens parade solo and it was quite the event. First of all, baby had me up all night. I whipped up some early morning decorations for ro's bike, got us all dressed in our patriotic best, and headed out. Only a couple problems... I forgot to put a diaper on ro and also forgot to feed him breakfast. Um oops. Sooo I ended up carrying ro on my shoulders and pushing jojo in the stroller. Needless to say we bowed out a little early! Ha! Thanks Amy for the picture documentation! Here are a few highlights...

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