Tuesday, October 29, 2013

September Recap.

With September comes the beginning of the weather change here in Tucson. The temps drop a few degrees and you can see the end of the summer heat in sight!
We got outside a lot more. Riding bikes and walking are our nightly favorites.

 We had a Church activity at the ball park. They boys ran around all night. We only caught glimpses of them after we held them down to eat dinner. It was a blast.


Ro's preschool had an awesome storyteller come in to tell folktales from around the world. Ro was so happy his brother came to sit with all the other butterflies!

Jo Jo did a movers and shakers class and LOVED it! Too bad momma forgot the last class. We'll have to sign up for another session!

We had a get together at Quint and Am's while Poppa Lamoreaux was in town. We could spend every weekend with our cuzzies.

My sis had her twin girls on Sept. 10th, Uncle Phil's birthday. They are beautiful and lovely and now a month and a half old!

I celebrated a birthday and it was awesome! Danny treated me like a Queen and I felt so dang special!

 We headed over to Q and A's again to watch BYU play Utah. Q got the fire pit goin' and we got a little too into the game. I may have screamed a few times... :).

 Love this picture of my boys. They are silly and fun at all times. Jonah LOVES when Rowan holds him. Jo wraps his legs around Ro and holds on tight!!
 I love them.

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  1. What a good catch-up. I'm lovin' all these beautiful picts!