Saturday, December 28, 2013

November Recap.

November is full holiday mode for us! We recovered from Halloween, starting welcoming and visiting family into town, had an awesome Thanksgiving and starting preparing for Christmas. I love November. The Christmas Spirit is starting to fill the air and the anticipation keeps me going day after day! 

The boys and I did a lot of playing. We so wished daddy could have played more with us, but he was in the depths of 20 page papers, essay tests, and comprehension tests. He did awesome at all of it by the way!

Peek - a - boo blocks.

Fall leaves.

Jonah loves playing with his little buddy Bron.

We loved decorating for Christmas this year! The minute we put our decorations up, Rowan starting asking when Santa was coming....that didn't stop until Christmas day!

We did lots of walks and adventures outside.

The day before Thanksgiving, we went up to Phoenix to play and eat with both my sisters and some of Kevin's family. Judy is so creative and had the kids make a fruit turkey. It was really cute! 

Thanksgiving was a little different this year. I ended up having my Dad, Jess and the boys to our house on Thanksgiving day for dinner. It was my first Thanksgiving meal cooking experience and even though my Dad cooked the turkey, it was still a challenge! I'm proud to say I kept my cool the whole day! 

The day after Thanksgiving we had the Lams over to our house for a little pizza and Christmas movie action. We played this funny flour game that the kids loved, but the adults weren't too fond of. It might have had something to do with me shoving Quint's face in a pile of flour...oops!

Rowan's sweet friend Molly had a birthday, so Ro brought her flowers he picked out. Molly is so sweet and always so kind to Rowan even when he acts like a crazy, loud, rough boy! We love her.

Onto December...

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