Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby steps to Pipeline!!

We are trying to sneak in a little fun here before the real fun starts (school, work...can I get another BOOOOOOO). Anywho, we decided to try out our new body board that we got from someone moving out of the BYU apartments. I was super stoked about our new board, but D was a little bummed it wasn't a surfboard! It was my first time so I got a little tossed and turned by the waves, and drank a little too much seawater!! D was a star!!
Our night ended with washing the seawater down with pizza and watching movies from the local Ohana Video. The only movie store in Laie is one that rents edited movies (so funny right)!!! I love it!! We rented Slumdog Millionaire (one I have been dying to see) and the Matrix (that freaked my freak!). We thought it was hilarious that they edited out the throwing up scene in the Matrix. I mean, who hasn't thrown up, been witness to it, or cleaned it up right!?!? ;) Oh well, we still got the gist! Mmmmm other than that it was a good day in HI.

Employment Update: E had an interview at Turtle Bay Resort and is waiting to hear back!! Cross your fingers! The job would be in part a pool safety girl (pretty ironic right!) D has a couple applications in at the school. He should find something when the semester ends this week! Yay!

Until the next...


  1. It looks like you are having sooo much fun! I love ya!

  2. I think we are now over the shock of the humidity and are having fun!

  3. fun, fun, fun! I hope they didn't edit out the Jai Ho dance! :)