Monday, June 1, 2009

Lessons learned thus far.

Although we have only been residents of HI for about a week, we have learned many interesting things about our new state...
1. The humidity is Crazy with a capital C! The weather couldn't be more different than AZ. Bathing suits are never dry after a dip in the ocean and towels always have that yummy wet dog smell about them! I couldn't get over my coke glass the other day; it left a condensation ring on my placemat for 2 days!!! AY!!! It just wouldn't dry! The craziest thing about this humidity we are experiencing is what it does to my explanation needed... ;p
2. I guess babies are water resistant. Ok, so I have nearly had to perform 2 water rescues already! On several occasions we have seen daddies with 3 or more kids at the themselves (NUTS right Lainey!!). :Z One is thrown over their shoulder, the other is attached to a boogie board, and the last is bobbing up and down in the water!! I am so on edge watching them it is crazy!! I nearly ran after one today baywatch style! We even saw a daddy with twins who were just walking, and at least 2 more kids in the water. These crazy little babies were not afraid of the water!!! I think he should have paid me for babysitting, I had my eye on them the whole time!! ;) They were also naked, so I could resist snapping a naked Hawaiian baby shot... hehehe.

3. Little buggies also love the humid weather. We have a bit of an infestation of ants and termites in our little apartment which is a little yucky. We have just tried to think positively however, and now don't freak out when we see gaggles of dead ants in our bed!! :) It's kinda funny right!? New bugs we have discovered include: lots of misquotes (booooo), flying cockroaches (D's personal favorite), and tons of slugs when it rains (I have restrained myself from touching them...they just look so squishy!!)!

4. The scenery is beautiful.
Love you all, until the next...


  1. LOVELOVELOVE the new post!!Sounds like the adventure is beginning! I am a bit concerned about the dangerous "misquotes"...hope they don't carry deadly "malarkia"!!!
    Today is a better day!!

  2. hahaha sorry I guess the U of A failed me!

  3. I want to see the hair down and CRAZY! It's the only I would rock it.-- And those dads should be spanked for not watching their babies! :)