Saturday, June 20, 2009

Finding our Inner Hawaiians

So Danny and I went to the PCC the other day (blog to come soon!) and checked out the Samoan show. It was one of the best!! Anywho, we saw a man husk and crack a coconut in like 2.5 seconds flat! I mean it was pretty impressive! A couple nights later D and I found a ripe coconut and decided to try our hand at husking!! How hard can it be right?! I mean the other guy did it practically with his eyes closed. 
 We banged that coconut against every hard surface we could find trying to break it open a little.
30 mins later...

Danny found a screwdriver! It helped a ton and we were able to start peeling the husks off!

45 mins later...

we struck the coconut!!! WaaahooooOOOOOooooo!

15 mins later...

we dug out the coconut!!!

5 mins later...

We busted that thing open! We drank the juice inside and ate some of the meat, but it wasn't the most tasty thing without all the sugar! Oh well it's all about the adventure. So, to sum up: Time it takes native Samoan to open a coconut - 2.5 seconds. Time it takes these Lams - an hour and a half! ;) I don't think we have struck out inner Hawaiians just quite yet, but we are getting there!


  1. Samoan pride baby! (I've tried that coconut husking and it's dang harder than it looks)! Cute post!

  2. That's so funny to see you open that! I've tried opening one before too, and "it aint easy!" Good job!!!!

  3. but I remember you do like food you have to work for :)

  4. Nice work! Glad you finally got it open. Now you can mark that off your list of things to do while in Hawaii.