Saturday, June 13, 2009


We have the best parents in the whole world! Today we went to the post office to pick up a mysterious package. It was the sweetest care package from our loving parents in Tucson. Thank you mom and dad soooooooooo much!!!! We love everything inside. It is just what we needed. xoxox  
love, d and e


  1. Aw!!! You are quite welcome!! We had fun putting it together! ANd thank you for the thank you!!! We heart you guys! M&D

  2. Hi Lamoreaux's, Michelle here (Brother Hinckley's wife). Love your blog. Even more, love to read about your life in Laie. Really, some of my best memories were made there. It's so weird to see your pics on Hukilua/Temple beach which Jake and I considered our back yard.

    Aren't parents the best when they send you simple things like cereal? We had to keep our cereal in the fridge because the ants always found their way in to the boxes. The bugs, you'll get used to them. We were absolute clean freaks in Hawaii and we still counted 5 roaches on floors one night. You just can't win.

    Make sure and visit the shrimp truck in Kahuku. Get the shrimp scampi...yum! Also have to try Matsumoto's Shave Ice (with ice cream on the bottom) in Haleiwa.

    Congrats on your job at the PCC! Can't wait to follow your adventure!

  3. Score! You really do have sweet, sweet parents!

  4. Your parents are soo sweet. That is the best care package ever!