Friday, August 13, 2010

3 months.

What we love about Ro at 3 months:
  1. Everything we loved about him at 2.5 months +...
  2. He can roll from his back to his side and from his side to his back (not as impressive...kinda a back flop!)
  3. He loves chew toys/teethers...still no binkie. We have loaded up on teethers including his fav Sophie.
  4. He is giggling. It takes a full belly and usually some armpit kissing.
  5. He loves his cousins and they love him...and grandparents and aunties and uncles.
  6. He is liking his car seat lately...may just be the vacation.
  7. He loves sleeping on his side and looks like such a little boy when he does!
  8. He is very long...growing out of some of the 3-6 month onsies.
  9. He no longer needs a diaper change during the night! YEA!
  10. He loves crunchy things and mirrors. He thinks that baby looking back at him is pretty cute!
  11. He has started reaching and grabbing for things of interest (toys, shiny things, hair, etc...)
  12. He loves the bum spank. Just a couple pats on the back side will put him back to sleep immediately.
  13. He is very interested in dogs, especially big black and white ones.
  14. He has quite a few fake sneezes that are very loud and funny.
  15. He loves kissing, and always sneaks an open mouth.
  16. He flies really well. He cried while we descended but was comforted by nursing.
  17. He has got the cutest bootie.
  18. 18. He can melt your heart with once glance.(photos curtosy of Uncle Josh Awesome)


  1. I am glad we got to visit with you guys a little bit! You look great and you have one handsome little guy!!

  2. he is just so precious! loooove those photos!

  3. he is adorable! i love babies at this age, where they just let you hold and cuddle them :)

  4. Darn, gonna miss you AND the boy!!!