Monday, August 16, 2010

A Trip to Tucson.

This past week and a half we were able to visit our home in Tucson. We had reasons to celebrate (Gma V, Gma R, and Uncle Josh's birthdays), but we also wanted Ro to meet all of his family. We had a blast, but I tell 'ya that heat almost got the best of us! :) We got to swim, eat, celebrate, shop, relax, play, ride air planes, take naps in cool places and have a date night (no Rowey involved here!).

Rowey on the plane to Tucson. He was very happy when he woke up, but then realized his ears hurt! He nursed and all was well!

We ran out of diapers at Gma Renee's house so she fashioned me a towel diaper while Daddy went to grab some real diapers. Gma Renee cleaned up my messes (she is so sweet), and didn't even mind that I pooed on her floor a little bit (imagine Ro sitting on Mommy's lap and a mess shooting up the top of the diaper landing on the carpet...quite dramatic!). We are glad she is so laid back and loving!
*Don't I look like such a big boy in this picture*

I loved meeting all of my cousins, aunties and uncles. Here I am meeting Cousin Aden and Auntie Jess. I loooooved Auntie Jess's baby shelf. I could sit right on top of it and relax. Aden made me lots of gifts including an abc book and an origami diaper (think that will be best put to use in the baby book)! I can't wait to meet my newest cousin in 1 month!

Meeting my Auntie Bree. We are so thankful that she came down even though she had so much studying to do. We love her and Rowey thought she was quite snuggable.

Gma V's birthday! She loved her cake and her birthday book.

Gma R's bday! We were able to surprise her with a photo of all the grand kids. Lovin' all the cutie Lams!

Meeting G.Gma Jane. A little too heavy for her!

Swimming with Gma V. Ro loooooved the water. He would kick his legs and flap his arms. Maybe he'll be on a swim team one day. He even fell asleep in the pool laying on my shouder one day! So cute!!

We loved hanging out with our fellow Lams! Here are Tristan and Maya entertaining Eeegee's patrons with a rousing rendition of a rock song from Caillou.

Chillin' with Blane McGee. He's super cute and smiley! We are buds. xo

Meeting Christy and Sabrina. Ro was way tired so the bright lights of Frost had him in a trance!!

Eating dinner with Shelly, Kelly, and Aparna. Ro was till adjusting to Tucson time and was a little groggy, but we had a fun time!! I was so glad Rowey got to meet these awesome girls and eat some Sauce!

Meeting Chel! Ro loved spending the day with Chels and Ashley. They were so sweet to come down from Phoenix to see me! I loved kissin' Chels and staring at beautiful Ash!

phew. What a trip. We can't wait for Christmas!


  1. Wow! Great photos!You guys are much loved in Tucson!!!

  2. Glad you guys had a fun trip. What a great family picture of all the Lams. We can't wait to see you again when you come at Christmas!! Love you Em!!

  3. Rowan is so.... dang cute. Thanks for stopping bye the office and letting us see Rowan. It really meant a lot to us. I just wish he would of been awake so I could of squeezed him. May be next time. We love you guys. Debbie & Larry

  4. LOVE all the pictures! miss you guys!!