Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sorry blog. I've got to rewind all the way to Valentine's. 

We had a simple, loving holiday on the 14th. I am slowly but surely figuring what traditions will be a part of our holidays. I crave tradition. Our singing Valentine's monkey made his 2nd annual appearance. The boys love him to pieces, but he is so annoying I can only bear to keep him out for the day! Danny boy was so sweet to me and got me the prettiest necklace. I gold E. Perfection.
Ro and Jo had a fun Valentine's themed playgroup. These moms are awesome I tell you. The kids made Valentines bags and then passed out treats to all their friends. Some of the Valentines blew my mind!!
Jo decorating his bag. He SO wants to be a big boy like brother!

We made Ro-bots and Jo-bots.


We had a cute Church activity that was a fundraiser for the youth. I was asked to create some photo booth props and a kissing booth...WHAT?! A kissing booth? How do I make that Church friendly?? Ha! I eventually figured it out: drop a quarter in my jar get a Hershey kiss and a kiss stamp on your cheek. There were A LOT of kissed people running around. I had a moment of panic when I realized I hadn't checked if my ink was washable. I almost had a heart attack picturing our whole ward, including our bishop, coming to church on Sunday with bright red kisses all over their faces! It all worked itself out though and everyone washed up nicely.

These pictures cracked me up so much!! It was a circus!
Thanks for the great days of celebration Valentines...


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