Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Just Jonah.

What we love about Jonah at (almost) 15 months:

Nicknames: Jo, JoJo, Jogi, Joge, Joney

Signs "please" and "more"

Says "mama" and "dada" and "bye"

Gives great kisses...to everyone!

LOVES to dance and sing and clap for mama when she sings

Snuggles so sweetly with momma

Big eater

Hits, but stops when you say "Gentle Jonah", and then gives the sweetest strokes to your face

FUNNY and so goofy

Gets SO much attention from strangers and has a special older lady at Church who he sits with during Sunday School

Lots of comments on his "beautiful eyes" and "awesome hair"

MISCHIEF MAKER! He has gotten into so much more funny mischief than Rowan ever did at this stage. He keeps me on my toes and never lets us get bored. We love it!! 
Mischief examples: hands in potties, unrolling toilet paper, rubbing chocolate all over his body, taking off diaper in crib, getting hand stuck under dishwasher trying to reach goldfish crackers, climbing up rickety chairs, etc...

Loves to play outside and would be out there all day in the dirt if I let him

We just love this sunshine boy!! He is so special to each one of us and has filled our hearts with joy. Sometimes Danny and I just watch Jonah and then look at each other with glistening eyes. "Did we really make something this sweet, and fun and joyous?!" Jo has helped Rowan blossom. They are best friends for life and forever...forever-ever!

We LOVE you Jonah Ross.


My sunshine.


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