Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pima County Fair.

We are so glad we made the trek out to the Pima County Fair this year. Rowan talked about it for days afterwards. He LOVES rides, the scarier the better. I think we went on every single kid ride they had and he was even a bit disappointed when we said no to the ferris wheel...that one freaks mom and dad out a bit! The only casualty of the night was Rowan's hat which somehow fell in the fair potty. Ask Daddy how that one happened...haha! Jonah flirted with EVERY woman he saw. Those baby blues seem to lure them in. I often hear high pitched Spanish directed towards Jonah, "Ooohh dios mio, sus ojos!"...or something like that! 
The hits of the fair were the motorcycles, dragon roller coaster, and flying bees.

We ate a TON, of course: stir fry, corn dogs, lemonade, fried oreos...

We can't wait to go back next year!!

Rowan's "trying not smile face" that he has mastered.

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