Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rowan is 3!

We had a blast celebrating Rowan turning 3. I love planning parties, and making them special for my babies. I get to exercise my creative muscles that get neglected too often now a days. Sometimes I get a little worked up when it comes to executing my ideas, and that has spoiled the celebration for me in the past. This time I told myself that I could do all the crazy ideas I wanted and make all the crafts I wanted, but if I got too worked up it wasn't worth it and for the next party I would have to do something really simple. I can proudly say that I kept my cool, and had no melt downs! I was really proud of myself and as a result will continue to allow myself to throw parties. Haha! 

Rowan chose a spiderman theme, so we ran with that. I had a fun time finding party ideas on Pinterest. I really wanted him to LOVE it and have a great time. Seeing his eyes light up makes it all worth it to me! Unfortunately he was a tad under the weather or tired or something and was a little lethargic the whole time. Despite that, he still had that special birthday twinkle in his eye. He knew it was his special "birthday Saturday day". 


(I have no idea where Danny was for all of these pictures! Oops. Daddy was there Rowan, I promise!)

 We LOVE you birthday boy. You rock!!!

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  1. You did an awesome job on the party... loved your decorations. Molly had a blast!