Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fourth of July.

After living in Utah the past few years I have grown to love the 4th of July. They do it right in Provo! I was a little worried that a Tucson 4th would be as grand, but I was wrong. We had a serious blast. We played at the new Oro Valley pool right next to our old high school! Ah, the memories! Despite me having a minor freak out after loosing track of both my children, I'd call it a major success. The best way to spend a Tuscon 4th is in the water! 
After tiring ourselves out we went back to Nana and Poppa's house for dinner, play time for babies, and game time for adults. The kids loved the sparklers and I DIED over watching Darcy perform the complete Beyonce anthology. It was kinda amazing.
We got the kiddos dressed in their pj's and headed out to find fireworks. We ended up right by the old Lamoreaux house, again SO many memories, and watched the El Conquistador fireworks from the hood of our car. Jonah woke up very distressed half way through the show, but totally enjoyed watching the rest of it from Momma's arms. Ro watched the first half and was so tired that he hung out in the car for the last half. Poor guy! We tuckered him out. 
It was such a fun day. I sure love making memories!!

Ro was obsesed with his Batman face paint!



  1. Great blog! Keep em coming!!!

  2. Fun to see what you're all up to! Love, Aunt Rebecca